Kudosee Workplace Report dives deep into manager and employee relationships in 2021

Kudosee Workplace Report dives deep into manager and employee relationships in 2021

Kudosee Workplace Report dives deep into manager and employee relationships in 2021

An Explainer on Strategic Alignment and Handling Work for a Team

Your business is like a sports team. It doesn’t matter if you fill your roster with all-star players; it can all fall apart without a good strategy. You need a good game plan to bring out the best in your team. This is Strategic Alignment.

Why Does Strategic Alignment Matter?

Strategic Alignment is important because it roots out inefficiencies in your business’s workflow. This will reduce wasted time and money. Outsourcing project management tools is ideal because a third party will look at your current work dynamic with unbiased eyes. They won’t be used to the way things have always been done.

Strategic Alignment Elements

Each business, project, and team need a different overall strategy, but Strategic Planning/ Alignment can be broken down into six main steps. 

– Identify: What Do You Need to Do?

Identify the work that needs to be done and who needs to do it. Even though it’s the first step, you can easily find redundancies in your workflow here and cut the chaff as needed.

– Plan: How Do You Do It?

Plan how to execute the work you identified in step one. Consider the logistics of completing your goals. 

– Schedule: When Do We Do What?

Plot out the timeline of your plan from step two. This should involve input from your various departments. Communication is a top priority so that if one aspect of the plan falls behind schedule, the rest of the workforce can respond accordingly. 

– Execute: Do It

Execute your carefully designed plan. Refer to your plans constantly so as not to lose track of your progress and trajectory.

– Document: Write It

Document every step. This is important for future projects. You can keep track of where you made mistakes and where you exceeded expectations.

– Analyze: Reflect on It

Take the documents from step five and analyze them. This is when you learn from your experiences with this particular project. Use it to further improve the next project.

Tips and Tricks to Make the Most Out of Strategic Alignment

A Strategic Alignment system is best used as a guideline. It should be adapted based on the goal it is trying to achieve, and it should constantly be analyzed and adjusted as you learn. As it is meant to be a flexible experience, here are some tips to guide you.

– Be Transparent

In order to have everyone’s trust and confidence, you need to be transparent. You need to show people your plans, and your thought processes behind them. Where you allocate your resources and why is also something everyone needs to know. The more transparent you are, the more trust you will get.

– Communicate

If you want to be successful, you need to communicate constantly with your team. Aside from orders and directives, you also have to communicate reasons and future plans. This will prevent your team from filling the space with misinformation.

– Be Open to Feedback

All this communication and transparency also benefit you by allowing your team members to give you solid, constructive feedback. You need to listen to this feedback as it is a valuable resource for improvement.


Now that you know how to implement Strategic Alignment in your team, you can take a ragtag group of rookies and lead them to the championship. Just remember to collaborate with your team, as they want to see you succeed as much as you do. Their insights from their fields will be invaluable for your future success.

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