Why Kudosee …

We are in the business of helping organizations visualize, communicate and execute strategy, in real time. Filling the gap between strategic business planning through to implementation. Aligning and transforming operations in a whole new way.

“We’ve all been there at some level – with the best intentions plans are made and everyone starts off on the same page … or so you’d think. The Problem is that even the best laid plans go awry as operational concerns, budgets and different perspectives come into play. It doesn’t matter how great the plans are, there are many people involved with different and often conflicting priorities and this is where companies fail to deliver on promises to investors and their board.

I’ve experienced this at all levels in an organization, but it wasn’t until I became an executive that the problems became so clear – different departments and leaders had an initial plan which stagnated, lost focus and became very opaque over time.

Kudosee Goals is built to address this core issue – it gives any organization the ability to articulate what, where, when and how they are going to win and keep everyone focused by never diluting the plan, keeping all sides on target and ensuring accountability across the organization.” – CEO

Kudosee is founded on servant leadership. We believe this is a way of doing business and life. It is owned and operated in Cochrane, Alberta. We aim to support the local and broader business community with this technology.