Kudosee Workplace Report dives deep into manager and employee relationships in 2021

Kudosee Workplace Report dives deep into manager and employee relationships in 2021

Kudosee Workplace Report dives deep into manager and employee relationships in 2021

How Your Business Can Benefit from Strategic Alignment

In a rapidly changing economy, there will never be a one-size-fits-all prescription for a winning business. People’s needs change, and so the market and the economy will always be influenced by those changes. However, corporate leaders today seem to recognize and agree that strategic alignment is somehow very effective in pushing organizations closer to success.

Strategic alignment is crucial to any organization as its main focus is always about—for your people, for your customers, and for your business. Just as the tires on your car need to be in alignment to keep the vehicle working at its peak, so, too, do the elements of your organization need to be aligned. Through goal-setting tools and effective communication, everyone can perform at the highest level.

What is Strategic Alignment?

There are many accepted definitions of strategic alignment, but one such definition stands above the rest. According to an article published in the Harvard Business Review, “strategic alignment means that all elements of a business—including the market strategy and the way the company itself is organized—are arranged in such a way as to best support the fulfillment of its long-term purpose.” 

Basically, it’s a form of alignment that starts at the very top and bleeds through all levels of the organization, all the way down to your employees and staff. Every decision you make, every closed-door meeting, every team huddle should always be aligned with the ultimate business goal.

What are the Benefits of Using Strategic Alignment?

Alignment or realignment of an organization is necessary, especially if you’re experiencing rapid growth. At this crucial point, executives and company leaders tend to lose sight of their original purpose for the business. Through strategic goal planning and monitoring, you can benefit a lot from its implementation. Let’s explore some of those benefits.

Saving Time

Like any other worthwhile endeavour, time is a finite and important resource that no organization can afford to lose. The way you use your time could determine where you will be among your peers. Any employee or leader that doesn’t adopt strategic alignment tends to initiate activities that don’t exactly align with the company’s goal. These activities may be paved with good intentions and ideas, but they just don’t fit the current situation. This leads to time and effort wasted. By aligning your strategies with your company’s goals, you can ensure that all efforts are diverted into something worthwhile.

Motivating the Team

Any business plan will not come to fruition without a well-motivated group of people bent on achieving their goals and objectives. With strategic alignment, you allow your team to understand the big picture and the end goal, which is what ultimately motivates them. Alignment encourages shared values so everyone can be on the same page at all times.

Supporting Market Maneuverability

Maneuverability is an essential trait that every growing business needs to learn and implement. If you are to stay ahead of the competition, you need to develop ways and strategies to navigate through an ever-changing landscape. The catch is that it’s easy to get lost in all the noise, and you may end up losing sight of your original purpose. Strategic alignment steers everyone back to that ultimate goal, maintaining that balance of maneuverability and staying true to your identity.


Strategic alignment should be well-incorporated into any organization’s business planning process if they are to continue growing. Think of alignment as the sequel to your strategic planning session. The planning is the what and why, while alignment is the how. Keeping this in mind will guide any business to its eventual success.

Strategic planning and alignment can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be hard. Through Kudosee’s strategic planning and management tool, alignment can be a whole lot easier for your business. Our goal-setting tools help you generate high levels of performance through effective monitoring, strategizing, and implementation. All this in one intuitive tool! Experience rapid growth in your organization by starting your free trial today!