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Our tile view is a fully responsive tile based view that allows for filtering and browsing of all goals throughout the organization.

Prefer to drill down and explore branches of your organizations goal hierarchy? No problem, the Tree View gives you this capability to browse through goals and goal branches to gain a better understanding of specific aspects of your organization.

Dashboard view provides an overview of goals and user activities

Report view allows user to easily track down overdue goals

Creating a goal is simple, click the + off the dashboard or create subgoals while viewing a goals details.

Kudosee helps you manage goals by teams

As members of your teams track progress on goals, Kudosee Goals will inform you of the velocity changes in progress and aggregate progress to parent goals to automatically calculate how far along progress as been made.

Anyone in the organization is able to quickly understand how goals are tracking to deadlines and which are most at risk.

Goals can be reviewed and feedback given by using the Goal Activity stream through the use of comments, a great way to open a dialog when there are questions needed to clarify aspects of the goal or adjust the scope.